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AMA Recap Golden Ratio Token With Cryptowid

Group :  https://t.me/cryptowindonesia
Guest : Initiator Golden Ratio Token Mr. Rob and Community Management Mr. Cool
Reward : 20 GRT

Host : Hi everyone and welcome to the AMA on Cryptowid Official Group. We’re honored to host an Ask-Me-Anything session with Golden Ratio Token. We will introduce you to Golden Ratio Token Team

Host : Which of them is Mr. Rob, please introduct background of yourself

Mr. ROOB : I’m Rob from the Netherlands, i started the GRT project as a community project. I have 25 years of experience in online industries, including marketing and development. I have been in crypto since late 2015. In 2018 i started to be interested in alt coins.

Host : And then there is Mr. Cool, please introduct background of yourself

Mr. Cool : I am Mr Cool. I am from India. I am into cryptocurrencies from 2017 and I use to stick with good projects as a crypto currency enthusiast.

Host : Q1. Can you explain to us what is Golden Ratio Token? And what blockchain do you use?

Mr.Cool : Golden Ratio Token is a community driven project. It is an experiment, creating value from nothing in 90 days. We are using Ethereum Blockchain and its an ERC-20 token.

Host : Q2. Do you have a Team in the Golden Ratio Token? If you have … mention their names and what their job in the Golden Ratio Token?

Mr. ROB : Our Team consists out of over 30 people, so i can’t list them all. I currently lead the project together with E.M. , Al Jhon helps us organising. We have lots of more admins, Rouse did our website, he’s involved with bsov too. We have Igor who helped us in several ways. But the power is all of our forces combined.

Host : Q3. What is the total supply of Golden Ratio token? And where are these token allocated?

Mr. Cool : The total supply is 16180. The tokens are allocated into our community, partners, exchanges and developments.

Host : Can you explain to us why total supply so low?

Mr. Cool : We chose for a low supply, as ERC20 tokens have 18 decimals where bitcoin forks work with 8 decimals. A low supply means in this case that in the future 0.1 GRT can also hold a lot of value.

Host : Q4. If i want to buy some Golden Ration Token, where i should buy it? And what is the price for one token?

Mr. ROB : Currently GRT is traded at Resfinex.com and Satoexchange. The price currently variates between the 4$ on the bid side and 8$ on the ask side , the best is to place bids and hope someone sells. Personally now the 90 days are past to show support i am buying GRT myself on resfinex. I gave the rest a headstart.

Host : Q5. What makes you think that Golden Ratio Token will be successful in the future? What are you prepared?

Mr. Cool : By the power of our community, partners and network. Every individual in our community and team got different skillset and are open to every opportunity that will help the growth of Golden Ratio. Most of the community members are fully dedicated for the betterment of the our project. This thing makes us special. Were prepared cause we got our community. Continuing to develop usecases for GRT are endless. Its the support of the community that drives the project successful.

Host : The segment 1 is done, let we move to the segment 2 guys

Host : Q1. From @LeleCrypto What are some of major milestones target that GoldenRatio project wants to achieve in the near future ?

Mr. Cool : Our main goal right now is to achieve creating value from nothing with the help of the community. This is something what most projects forget. Achieving this goal in future will help realize this industry to open their minds that even without funding, you can still develop something decent for the ecosystem. I can gladly say that we are on the right track 💪

Host : Q2. From @deco378 Many investors focus on the price of token in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors in the long term?

Mr. Cool : We are open source, we share everything we can that community needs to know with current developments and events. We don’t want our community be left behind. We got wider network and we will continue to open source. You can check out our website for current partners and we did that only in 90 days. https://goldenratiotoken.site/community/

Host  :Q3. From @KingAlperen52 With the appearing of many blockchain projects, especially payment project which has the newest technology, scalability, efficiency, even no fee on the transaction. Does $GRT feel pressure from this on the race of global payment solutions?

Mr. ROB : Not at all, we actually would love to be a part of their development as much as possible. We’re open for third party source of usecase in any way.This is something to take advantage of and could create good relation for both parties. Currently were working on to be a part of the AER project’s Marketplace and were also aiming to be include for Chainpayments were you can convert Crypto to fiat legally in the US.

Host : Q4. From @SonerRobertson How many partners are there in $GRT Token? And the benefits that these partners bring to $GRT Token and vice versa?

Mr. ROB : We have about 27 partners. A lots of benefits on different aspects. We are accepted on Jackpotvilla, its an online casino. We also got the opportunity where you can use GRT tokens for online payments or donations on Cryptocurrency checkout.

Host : Q5. From @JacksonMartiXc Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to $GRT and how? What are the actions to increase awareness around $GRT in non-crypto space?

Mr. ROB : We are currently having an Ambassador’s program, this way we have somone who can introduce GRT to the public. Also the help of our partners and community to continue promote about GRT.

Host : The segment 2 is done, let we move to the last segment

Q1. From @Manugotsuka 1. I have understood that GRT believe in the Community vision, so where i can share my advices or ideas to get votes or selected by others? 2. The GRT have good utilities such as casino, SovCUBE and a chainpayment system, but what about the typical uses cases as STAKING and MINING? its posible can ( or Will can) do this with GRT Token? What about Marketplaces?

Mr. Cool : We are an open community. You can join our telegram group and contribute there. Most of the activities, decisions and discussions are done in the community group chat. We welcome everyone here to join our telegram group and don’t hesitate to share your ideas. We welcome new members with open hands 😇😇 Yes, Resfinex has arranged a staking programme for us. You see, our total supply is 16180 which is fixed. You can’t mine a single token after that, that’s what increases it’s demand at first place.

Q2. From @SutedjaDian I am aware that GRT is currently tradded on, Uniswap and Satoexchange, However my concern is about the liquidity of GRT. Although these are good exchange but GRT is still missing in most used exchange ( BINANCE, Huobi etc). So, What effort are you making in ensuring $GRT get listed on other trusted exchanges so that users can have varieties of options to choose from while trading $GRT token?

Mr. ROOB : We’re also on resfinex and 6 other smaller dex’s. The reason to list on the smaller exchanges first is that it will open up doors for the next. Offcourse every project wants to get listed at binance or alike. Offcourse we will try to explore our options at bigger exchanges but as a project where we left the money in the hands of our community this is an even more difficult journey. We will use all revenues from partnerships and usecases to improve the liquidity. Also by building out our community and partners we increase our chances in a bear market.

Q3. From @rohan911 In your whitepaper you talk that GRT could “benefiting other projects”, can you explain how this works?

Mr. Cool : We are a strong community of Contributors and most of the community members are attached to some other project in the cryptocurrency industry. So, we can count everyone in any of our decisions and actions.
So, by promoting partner projects, working together and building a powerful crypto-economy togather, we keep improving the relationships between the projects and supporting them various manners.
At the same time we aspire to grow and built a great community.

Q4. From @Iskyrock Why should we invest in your project? your project motive?

Mr. ROOB : Unlike many other projects we value our community. This means we take you very serious as a holder. We also hope people will get involved in our community. I believe any project means nothing without its community. We didn’t Fund raise or ask any money from our community. We give all that help us and do something special for the project. Also all money made by the team goes back as liquidity.

Q5. From @BJosefina61 How does the community make decisions within GRT?

Mr. ROOB : We currently have around 30 admins that decide in a democratic way. We will work towards a voting mechanism for the important decisions based on the amount of tokens someone holds. And automate it in the blockchain

Host : Thank you to Mr ROB and Mr Cool and everyone for taking the time to attend this event. We will support this project and help realize it to the wider community

Mr. ROOB : Thank you so much for having the AMA with us. I’m sorry if i couldn’t answer your question during this AMA. But please ask in our Telegram chat if you still like to know.

Mr. Cool : The thank goes to you and the people who kept their focus through the whole AMA. Thank you guys for bearing us for one hour and 15 minutes. 👍 We welcome everyone to join our community and be a part of it. Our doors are always open for new comers.

Please join Golden Ratio Token on Telegram Community

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