Ask Me Anything Series Nydronia x Cryptowid


‘Ask Me Anything’ is here again, this time it will discuss all about Nydronia

All information that you want to know about the Nydronia can be asked directly in the AMA “Ask Nydronia” sessoion with Bright Jasper – Advisor of Nydronia

Save the date!

AMA Timing : Saturday, 6 Febuary 2020 || 1pm UTC(8pm GMT + 7)

Venue For AMA : cryptowindonesia

Reward Pool : 100$ NIA

The rewards pool for :
5 the best questions from Twitter @$10
5 best questions for live questions @$10

Live AMA with :
– Bright Jasper – Advisor of Nydronia

There will be 3 segments. Last approximately for 1 hour.

Segment 1: Project Introduction
Segment 2: Questions from
Segment 3: Free asking

Research the project and prepare good questions!

About : Nydronia is a cryptocurrency token built with ethereum blockchain or stablecoin backed by products that will be created by the union of the founders with companies.

Rules to follow AMA:

1. Join Group :

2. Follow Twitter

Question segment 2 is live:
give good questions now

Send your questions to Twitter Cryptowid and get your reward ! Don’t miss !

See you soon, Greetings to the moon


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