Crypto Exchange FAMEEX: Trust Always Comes From Security

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The community media with 1.5 billion users of the world in early October encountered service interruption for 8 hours, users who are accustomed to see the world through the social media, feel really painful because of the short loss of contact with the outside world. And most people are more worried about, whether there is a user privacy leakage behind the accident.

Just because of wrong router configuration accident, is enough to shake user confidence in the community. The  cryptocurrency trading platform that stores consumer assets of is beyond doubt, must put the user’s security in the commanding heights. Security is always the most concerned about the proposition, FAMEEX as a founded less than two years exchange has grown quickly, because FAMEEX security costs growing with the continuous innovation of blockchain technology.

The combination of FAMEEX naming from the word “Famous” and “Exchange”, which fully shows we are committed to becoming a global digital asset trading platform. Since its launch in 2020, FAMEEX has expanded business projects with times, among which it is a grid trading strategy robot regarded as a “passive investment artifact”. FAMEEX has become the first choice in the industry.

In order to allow users not to consider security risks and invest as much as possible, FAMEEX improves the initiative of user setting and adopts multiple security guarantees. First of all, users are advised to adopt more complex and difficult passwords to crack, and through regular reminders to improve the level of user security. Users can freely configure the safe address of withdrawal and choose each withdrawal, which can greatly reduce the possibility of mistakes due to re-entering the address when each withdrawal. Users can also set up reliable login devices according to different needs, and block devices that are not often used or temporarily logged in at any time. In addition, users can also check each log-on system records, including IP address, login system, to ensure that each operation is from the user himself.

With the opportunity to experience the security of this investment in FAMEEX now, we are about to launch a 10-day triple experience benefits gift event at 10 / 28, with free experience benefits for each task achieved.

 Task 1: Register for 20 USDT in FAMEEX.

Task 2: During the activity, you can get 5 USDT  in the FAMEEX official Telegram group with the screenshot of contract order on that day.

Task 3: Try Futures Trading for 50 USDT FAMEEX Bonus.

You can get 5 U  once a day on  FAMEEX  “U Contract” with a daily transaction volume ≥2000U.

To give you a deeper experience of FAMEEX futures trading, you can reuse the bonus within 12 hours after receiving the bonus until all of  it is consumed.

Hope you can have a great trading experience on FAMEEX!

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