This time we will review how to deposit or buy cryptocurrency on Binance using P2P services or referred to as peer to peer.

What is Binance P2P?

Simply, Binance’s P2P is a feature that allows buyers and sellers to make transactions without any middlemen, so you can buy and sell crypto assets there safely.

For security, Binance has a crypto fund storage mechanism involved in pending transactions. This mechanism prevents incidents of theft and fraud from occurring.

But you also have to stay alert when making transactions on P2P Binance, right!

before deposit or buy crypto If you don’t have a Binance account, please register here

How to Deposit or Buy Crypto on P2P Binance

Immediately for those of you who want to make a deposit or buy crypto currency with Binance’s P2P service, please see the steps below.

1. Login to the Binance App

The first step, of course, is to log into the Binance application first. The trick is to click the Log in / Register menu in the upper right corner. Then enter your email and password and follow the login process until it is complete and you enter your Binance account.

2. Go to Homepage

Then go to the home page and select the P2P Trading menu.

3. Login P2P Page

Then you will be directed to the P2P page. For example, my friend selects the Buy page and chooses USDT to buy, at the bottom there are several USDT sellers, you just choose which one you want to buy and click Buy.

4. Enter Amount IDR

Enter the amount of IDR you want to buy or exchange with Crypto currency, here as an example is USDT.

At the bottom, you have to see what payment system is used by the seller, usually the seller uses the Bank Transfer payment system, Gopay and others, so you have to adjust the purchasing system to the seller.

Then click Buy USDT, you will be directed to the Pending payment page. In this section you will be given time to complete the payment. Buddy must choose a payment method and after making a payment transfer please click Payment already made or Transferred Next.

Remember, you have to confirm that the transfer has been transferred and you can chat with the seller directly. Later there will be a pending transaction notification waiting for the seller to transfer crypto to your binance wallet

If the deposit and purchase of crypto currency is successful, you cannot immediately trade on the spot.

Because you have to first move the purchased Crypto from the P2P wallet to Spot.

How to Move Crypto from P2P to Spot

It’s easy, you just need to enter the Wallet / Wallet, please select the funding menu by sliding it to the right, then select the Transfer menu and select Transfer, choose from funding to spot.

Next, select the crypto you want to transfer to a spot wallet, and select the amount. And click Confirm Transfer. Now your Crypto has entered the Spot so you can start trading.

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