Recap AMA Findora in Cryptowid Community

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AMA series Findora With Cryptowid Telegram Community


On December 15,2020 at 10pm PDT 1pm WIB Indonesia Time in the Cryptowid Telegram Group, AMA Findora started with Miss Lily Chao – Founder of Findora and Mr. Matt arney . When campaign,10 lucky AMA participants when best asking questions Twitter and AMA sessions will get a total prize of 100$ USD in FIND The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker.

speaker introduction 

Miss. Lily Chao : My name is Lily Chao. I founded the Findora organization along with John Powers, the former CEO of the Stanford University Endowment Fund. I am quite well connected as a young entrepreneur and investor active in Silicon Valley and Asia Pacific Rim.

Before founding Findora, I have a successful track record of investing and advising in early stage tech businesses and providing financial advisory to growth stage tech companies both in the US and in Asia. My expertise is in privatization, SPAC, merger & acquisition.

Being tech-savvy generation who seeks to disrupt and improve legacy businesses, as opposed to following their lead, I am the original thought leader, along with the late John Powers, that devised the strategic and product vision of Findora Foundation. With one foot in Silicon Valley and another in the broader Asia-Pacific rim, I have seen the ways technology can create real world solutions across all corners of the globe. In my leisure time, I enjoy cooking, shopping and off-roading.

Findora is all about people and mission. We have a clear goal and we need a lot of building blocks to get there. My main job is to attract talents with a variety of specialty and make sure they work well together.

Mr. Matt : My name is Matt Arney. I am an active cryptography theory aficionado and outspoken proponent for transforming traditional technology through blockchains. Before joining Findora as their Head of Growth, I co-founded and successfully exited from three international startups in the enterprise language & technology space. My expertise is in corporate development, partnerships and revenue generation. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking and playing tennis.


1. Some users may not be familiar with Findora , can you give them a brief introduction first ?

Miss Lily : Findora is a globally trusted financial infrastructure, owned and democratically secured by a decentralized network of worldwide organizations and economically incentivized parties. Findora was created to enable the creation of financial services that are transparently operated while preserving user and institutional privacy. Created by a team of Stanford academics and entrepreneurs, including John Powers, former CEO of Stanford’s USD $25 billion endowment fund, Findora will be accessible to anyone in the world, whether individuals, small and medium enterprises, or industry giants. Our team has extensive collaboration with leading cryptographers in the world and our comprehensive cryptography library includes implementation of state of the art Zero Knowledge Proofs such as Plonk, Bulletproofs an Supersonic. For more information, visit info dot findora dot org.

Findora is being operated by a decentralized network of operators. But the software stack can also be deployed and operated by a variety of interoperable networks. It can be used by a traditional bank to replace the infrastructure they currently run on, deployed in the cloud, or It is a platform for issuing assets of any nature, including cryptocurrency. Findora’s mission is to address the challenges necessary to support this broad class of assets and diverse financial use cases. One of the primary challenges is providing confidentiality while retaining the transparency and public accessibility of other blockchains. Achieving this privacy-preserving transparency is Findora’s major focus and product differentiation.

Here is a pretty simple visual overview for everyone

2. Every project should have a history, what is the history and the background behind Findora project?

Mr. Matt : We answered a little bit of the history above – I’d like to walk you through what we have accomplished ealier this year. Our main achievements so far in 2020:

– We invented a very unique DAO, DeFi fund management system that support privacy preserving asset operations voting/onchain governance. We believe such blockchain based organizations will change the world;

– We are responsible for discovering one of the most efficient trustless Zero Knowledge Proof systems; 3.

– We built an entirely new blockchain based on the newest ADS technologies from the ground up purely using Rust + WASM; 4.

– We completed one of the world’s most comprehensive cryptography libraries- ZEI.

Here is a visual reference for everyone.

3. Beside a background, every serious project always have their own roadmap. Could you please explain Findora’s roadmap and also what phase is currently ongoing ?

Mr. Matt :

Our main roadmap for 2021: 

– 1st Testnet with confidential multi asset operations and anonymous transfers

– Address Identity layer implementation

– Phase I asset policy language and restrained virtual machine; Planning for end of this year/next year! —- Launching mainnet! We are ready to go!!!

In 2021, we will focus on the phase II mainnet (RSA accumulator based storage optimization) and the DeFi infrastructure. We will deploy ZK Rollup, Accumulator based storage, confidential liquidity bridging and Dark Pool Dex. In 2021, because of a significant improvement and reorg of our research, we will be able to pool more resources to optimize ZKPs for different use cases, hardware acceleration and MPC for blockchain use cases.

4. We are so curious about $FIND. Could you please tell us about its total supply, usability and where we can buy it?

Mr. Matt : This is really exciting news to share – just yesterday we announced our pre-registration phase for public sale and we plan to open the sale from Dec 28th! For anyone interested please go to to find out more info on our token.

5. Can you introduce Findora next strategic plan?

Mr. Matt : I would love to. From Day One, Findora’s founders, set a goal to leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize financial services. We firmly believe that financial infrastructure is due for a long overdue change. We envision an open, fair and transparent financial infrastructure that can serve billions of people, providing financial democracy. Today, we still feel the freshness of this goal. In the future, we wish Findora’s technology and its democratically run network will be the backbone of Web 3.0, providing the necessary transparency and protection to everyone. Our future plans rely on developments in the following areas:

 1. General community’s awareness and adoption of Findora utility assets;

 2. A happy and healthy developer’s community that is sustainable;

 3. Major breakthrough in enterprise business applications and adoption. The real financial infrastructure will be boundless and seamlessly bridge the crypto and conventional world.


1. From @yafuzarslant

What are the ways that Findora generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both investors and your project?

Mr. Matt : We build both great blockchain and great tokenomics. We believe blockchain is very different from the traditional TMT startups. However, decentralized protocols still need to have a revenue model and the revenue should come from utility and asset transactions.

Findora plans to act as the blockchain transaction hub by leveraging our expertise in cryptography. Not only serving the applications on Findora, our ecosystem play includes providing cross-chain ZK Rollup to Ethereum, helping lower the GAS fee while generating revenue for Findora.

We also provide side ledger services to business users that are willing to pay. Such services will require staking and pledging Findora tokens and will also contribute large revenue stream to the public blockchain.

Onchain L2 liquidity mining and cross-chain asset transfers are also part of the business revenue generation plan. I am confident our token holders will be pleased to see that Findora tokens are providing increasingly valuable utilities.

2. From @bimasuryaatmaj1

Regulatory factors are very important, especially in terms of global expansion and bridging real business to Defi Space. How has Findora handled these regulations so far? 

Mr. Matt : Regulation considerations do tend to vary depending on where you are at globally. But regulations exist in many areas such as financial data security. A lot of countries require financial transactional data to be stored domestically – most transparent blockchains won’t be compliant due to the synchronic state machine replication; 2. personal data privacy protection 3. Know your clients.

Findora is compliant for several reasons.

  1. Because there are no metadata on chain;
  2. Findora is a zero knowledge chain, so transactional data and identity have protection;
  3. Our financial passport support opaque Ids.

Findora implements many auditability tools, without sacrificing privacy of users. What are these tools, how transparent they are? When would an audit be necessary? — We have a huge toolbox of auditability tools, including proof of solvency, range proof, proof of whitelisted assets; proof of accreditation; identity selective revealing tools, confidential asset tracers.

These tools are all designed with one purpose: allow public or certain privileged auditors to understand and verify certain statements on a transaction while still keeping the raw data confidential. Such fine grained audits are very necessary in many cases (and protect the privacy), not just under a regulatory circumstance.

3. From @ziakhankdd

I’ve seen Findora use both the terms Open Finance and Confidential Network. What’s the difference? 

Mr. Matt :

For Open Finance our specialized zero-knowledge proofs allow Findora to be publicly audited, while data remains confidential.

For Confidentiality we use zero-knowledge proofs and secure multi-party computation to support many privacy-preserving features.

4. From @DamithDilshan17

We know that financial services in most countries are accessible to large entrepreneurs or business people with a lot of money. How can #Findora break this barrier and make financial services accessible to small business owners too? 

Mr. Matt : Low cost digital payment services like PayPal and WeChat Pay in China have been replacing cash and credit card transactions in many parts of the world. However, there are many concerns over privacy with these popular services. Findora is committed to working with large enterprises as well as small and medium businesses interested in the Findora platform.

5. From @nafisiqbal55

How do ensure Findora is not used by criminals for money laundering and terrorism sponsorship, because most privacy blockchains are promoting this illegal activities? 

Mr. Matt : Really important question – Findora’s privacy features are highly customizable, thanks to our cryptographic implementation. Our privacy preserving assets are also completely auditable. It can be viewed by regulators by a special viewing key, or a trustless zk proof to prove it is compliant. This is how we can achieve transparency with privacy.


1. Findora and Tecent Cloud partnered to offer World’s First Zero-Knowledge Ledger , could you please tell us how it is going and what major milestones have been achieved? 

Mr. Matt : To answer the first one our relationship with Tencent Cloud is strategic. Together we are creating the world’s first zero knowledge Transaction-As-A-Service clould, a direct answer to AWS’ QLDB. The TAAS we work on is an auto-scale zero knowledge transaction platform deployed on Tencent’s clould. Global small to medium businesses and fintechs can skip the costly infrastructure building and directly outsource their transactions to us with no worry of security. The amazing part to our Findora blockchain constituents is that the revenue generated from this service will flow back to our public blokchain as Findora TAAS and ZKLDB are structured as side-ledger/subnetwork of the Findora main chain!

Findora is responsible for R+D. And we expect to step into gaming and other industries through co-sale.

2. What companies are you partnered with or seeking to partner with in future ?

Mr. Matt : As Findora’s Head of Growth, I’m very interested in partnerships so I wanted to select the second question as well to reinforce how important they are to us. Besides Tencent we also have partnerships these companys. Do you know them?

We also have many more that have not been formally announced yet but will be soon!

3. Where did you get name Findora?Does it have any meaning?

Mr. Matt : For the 3rd question – The name Findora came up in a brainstorming session with the founding team and many have suggested it means we are “The Pandora of Finance” Hmmm – does anyone like this?

4. DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us? Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system?

Mr. Matt : DeFi it is so HOT right now. We believe that DeFi is what blockchain is all about, and in the future, people will only care about the DeFi applications themselves, rather than the underlying chain. For now, DeFi is all about ‘DeFi on Ethereum’ and/or ERC20 tokens. Findora participates in the DeFi space in two ways:

1. We have added ZK-Rollups and confidential transaction capabilities for existing DeFi apps on Ethereum, which means that that running DeFi apps on Ethereum can be better, faster, cheaper, and can realize a lot more features that would otherwise be impossible without confidentiality;

2. Findora is based on cross-chain and verifiable computation technology. Therefore any Ethereum-based assets can atomically transfer and transact on Findora. We can provide scalability and cost advantage to apps built directly on us.

We will be releasing a series of new private DeFi applications, including ‘Dark Pool Dex’ (for secret large ticket crypto transactions) and ‘Confidential FX pool’ (for confidential cross-border money transfer), just to name a few. These products will launch alongside our mainnet in 2021.

5. I wanted to follow your project for the long term. Where i can get all the latest news about your project? Do you have Twitter/ Telegram/ Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram /twitter groups?

Mr. Lucas : The last question rarely gets asked strangely enough – where can we find more info on Findora? First, I encourage everyone to visit our website at We also have links available to Telegram, Twitter and don’t forget to check out the info on our upcoming private sale at



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