Recap AMA Mobius Finance in Cryptowid Community

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AMA SERIES:  MOBIUS FINANCE in Cryptowid Telegram Community

On 11th May(11th May, 1 pm UTC) AMA CRYPTOWID X MOBIUS FINANCE was started by presenting Mr. Pedro Torres –  CEO OF MOBIUS FINANCE  During the AMA,  participants who are lucky to ask the best question in the Twitter session and the live asking session in the AMA will get a total prize of 100 $ USD. The following is a summary of the AMA questions and answers of the moderators and the guests.


Speaker introduction

Mr. Pedro torres: I’m the CEO of Mobius Finance Möbius goal is to create a decentralized multi-asset trading protocol powered by layer-2 EthereumI started this project last year, it has been really hard work specially during the pandemic. But that has not stopped usI have experienced in coding, and served as an advisor to numerous other projects as wellWhat I want to archive with Mobius Finance, is to be able to create a powerful protocol and give it to the community so they have control.


Q1: What is the simple definition of Mobius Finance?

Mr. Pedro torres: Trade without limits We’re a permission-less trading platform, that will offer unlimited liquidity We’re based on 6 pillarsLayer-2 Ethereum,Multi-collateral,Multiple incentives,Auction clearing pool,Automatic Debt Balancing Quote-driven markets Mobius will be design with layer-2 in mind. The truth is, if you want to launch a product today, you cannot repeat what other people are doing, we need to innovate.

Q2. What is the background and/or the motivation of starting Mobius Finance project? 

Mr. Pedro torres : Mobius started as idea to pursue the next-generation trading platform One that could bring in everyone, as well as adopt complex trading strategies Mobius Finance will allow anyone to collaterize any asset, and trade them with unlimited liquidity Our quote-driven markets will also allow us to get rid of impermanent losses problem If I were to ask anyone here “What is the biggest market out there in traditional finance?: A lot of people would think “the stock market” this is wrong That’s the most popular one in reality, the derivatives market is 10x bigger than the total global stock market The reason Mobius Finance is targeting these products, it’s because we believe that the future of DeFi will bring the same dynamic to crypto where derivatives products will take over most of the DeFi ecosystem So we’re creating an opportunity for everyone to benefit from this.

Q3. Could you provide some information about your Roadmap, And what milestones you have reached so far? 

Mr. Pedro torres: We are currently backed by important VCs And two major crypto exchanges Some of our parnets are Raptor Capital, Magnus Capital, AU21, X21, Lotus Capital, Cinchblock, Flybit, Hotbit labs, Oasis Capital, Chain capital among others Right now we’re finishing our smart contracts I want to also gave an early view to the community tonight our work-in progress UI so the product is very well advanced our next step is to announce our IDO date We will do so on our telegram group so if anyone wants to be part of the future, dont forget to follow us.

Q4. Please tell us about $MOT token! What are the token utilities, price, distribution, and where we can buy it? 

Mr. Pedro torres: the Mobius Token ($MOT) will serve as an utility and a governance token Users will be able to collaterize the token in order to get moUSD, the settlement currency a the new stable coin for trading synths $MOT will also enjoy other rewards, we plan to hold a token burn, a token buy-back program in order to keep the coin at a stable price Users will also be able to participate in liquidity mining $MOT will also serve as a governance coin Users will be able to vote and submit improvement At Mobius our goal is to build, and let the community dictate the direction it should take.

Q5.Can you give us an insight about the strategy and the future of Mobius Finance?? 

Mr. Pedro torres: Mobius will be live soon, I suggest that if anyone doesnt want to be left out of a project that will be a central part of the future, to stay tune for the opportunity to buy the $MOT token. Our plan is to launch the protocol within the next 30 days.


Q1. from @Outofra42490321

How are Mobius finance going to solve the liquidity and liquidation problems that have limited the growth of the DeFi adoption ecosystem to a wider market and could hinder the development of further growth? 

Mr. Pedro Torres: For this we’re implementing our ADB algorithm Our goal is to design an balance in the market which will incentives people to hold positions at anytime, and be profitable Details on how we implement this can be found in our whitepaper.

Q2. from @Benjami129

Can you tell about your listing plans?Specially the ones involving major exchanges, CEX and DEX. What types Partnerships you are looking for and what values would they bring? 

Mr. Pedro Torres: We have various exchanges that already invested in us. I understand the importance of having an exchange behind you, and yes, Mobius will be listed on a big exchange For CEX, we will also be traded on top-tier All of the details will be announce in our channel so stay tuned for your opportunity of the future.

Q3. from @odarko7

Mobius will develop a platform to be easily extended to adopt all types of financial assets and instruments to accommodate market developments and new things in the future. How is Mobius way of controlling algorithmic risk in the future? 

Mr. Pedro Torres : Mobius Finance will able to support any asset Gold, silver, Google, Tesla, among other As long as it has a reliable data feed, it can be traded Our algorithm risk control will ensure that people who have a profit, keep the profit.

Q4. from @Lopyou54804819

Mobius Finance’s goal is to create a multi-asset decentralized trading protocol with a second tier solution for low transaction costs, fast order execution, enabling off-chain asset trading (ETFs, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, etc.). Will the Protocol be decentralized? 

Mr. Pedro Torres: With our layer-2 solution we expect 2,000 transactions per second, and even cheaper than transactions than BSC One of the solutions being consider are Optimistic Rollups Let me explain if I were to send an ETH to anyone here, it will cost me 21,000 gas x GWEI x ETH pricecalling a smart contract PER transaction, it’s usually 200,000 gas, resulting in $40-$50 USD average transaction which is expensive on layer-2…it could be as cheap as 90 gas on layer-2, less than 0.000001 USD this will take place soon, so it;s important to people understand what is the next big step and how Mobius Finance is taking part of the future.

Q5. from @danielilham22

the hardest part of a project is losing investor confidence. how will your team handle the position? and what goals have you achieved so far? 

Mr. Pedro Torres : The team tokens will be locked for a long time People will be able to purchase more tokens than what I’m going to have on the first day, All of our code is going to be audited and posted github.


Q1. From where you get the project name? What does it means to you? Why you choose this name for your project??

Mr. Pedro Torres :  Mobius comes from the Mobius stripvwhich a one surface object on a 3 dimensional space this idea of completeness represents our ability to trade without limits or borders.

Q2. Has your project been completely decentralized, and will there be any risk of centralization in the future?

Mr. Pedro Torres:  No, our project will remain decentralized, the only ones who can decide it’s future are those holding the $MOT token.

Q3. What is Mobius’s plan to adopt more Adoption?

Mr. Pedro Torres: We have strategic partners in South Korea, Vietnam, China and Europe. We also have the support of two crypto exchanges, and more will follow soon Stay tuned for announcements! We will also join forces with other crypto projects to expand the ecosystem.

Q4. CAN you state what your ROADMAPS will be like over the next few years? And what are some of the important milestones you would like to achieve?

Mr. Pedro Torres : Our roadmap is available on our website. The goal is to have the protocol 100% decentralized and in control of the token holders for next summer.

Q5. First of all, getting enough funds is a primary goal for the construction of a project. Is your team economically capable of running this project? Do you have enough funding to develop it? Can you tell us how the profit is generated by your project?

Mr. Pedro Torres : Yes, Mobius is fully funded to launch the product. We have an international thing that is more than capable.




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