Recap AMA Rage Fan in Cryptowid Community

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AMA RAGE FAN series with Cryptowid Telegram Community

On March 15, 2021 at 3 pm UTC (10 pm Indonesian time) AMA RAGE FAN was started by presenting Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel – Head of Product and Mr. Vivek Kumar – Head of Marketing and. During the AMA, 10 AMA participants who are lucky to ask the best question in the Twitter session and the live session ask in the AMA will get a total prize of 100 $ USD. The following is a summary of the AMA questions and answers announced by the moderators and resource persons.


Speaker introduction

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel 

About me, I am in charge of Products at Rage.Fan fantasy sport. MBA graduate with 10+ years of experience in companies and startups. Experienced in Product, marketing and brand management. Managed SaaS products and several E-governance projects are also in the past.

Vivek leads Marketing here at Rage.Fan. He has completed master’s degree in Business Administration and holds a total of 7 years working ex. cross Strategy & Consulting, Marketing and Program Management. In the past he has worked with several multinational companies and large consultants.

We have a highly qualified multi-disciplinary team with a wealth of industry experience and relevant skills. Full team details are available on our website


1. Would you like to give us a simple introduction to $RAGE?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : Through Rage.Fan we try to do 3 things -Fantasy sports fantasy – you get fantasy sports and quizzes
Build a fantasy sports data oracle – a first of its kind and for that we’ve partnered with Kylin Network as well
Bring NFTs (also known as action cards) and Augmented Reality (called AR token mining method) players into this entire ecosystem. Then we have something called $ RAGE, which is our native token and will act as a dual purpose “game play” and “governance.” The governance feature allows you to be involved in everything and therefore to be fan-driven and fan-driven

2. Now-a-days we have seen that everyone is talking about NFTs. What approach did Rage Fan take towards him?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel: Rage.Fan students in addition to fantasy sports and quizzes, will be launching the NFT (or action cards as we call them) – so now you can also acquire digital assets, own them, exchange them, etc.
. The NFT will have utility as a collection and game bonus.

3. The Ambassador program sounds very interesting. What value do you expect from them and are there any benefits to them?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : So when you join our selective Rage.Fan Ambassador group, you will be the promoter of a new fantasy sports game model where everyone benefits from increased users and activity on the platform. You will be a key player in the Ambassador team driving the adoption of a new genre of fan-first on-chain fantasy sports that creates more appreciation and value for fans.
Rage.Fan Ambassador Program members will be rewarded with the platform’s native $RAGE tokens for their efforts and time, as well as exclusives.

4. We are very happy to know more about $RAGE, the native token of Rage.Fan, can you tell us more about it?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : So, $RAGE comes with the dual benefits of gameplay and governance.

– Core utilities: Game currency, Governance
– Innovative utility: AR token mining
– Value added benefits: Reference mining, betting, yield farming, play mining and social media mining

5. You have just announced a Logo Design Competition, so what are you actually looking for from community members through this competition?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : We are looking for smart and creative ideas. We just announced it, so keep an eye on our twitter


1. From @bimasurgaatmaj1

Rage Fan was built on the principle of incorporating the initial majority into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem. This platform will use a mobile device, with an intuitive and simple UX, what are the main advantages of this system? and what big benefits will the user get?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : Handhelds give you the flexibility and provision to use them at your convenience – anywhere and anytime. Lower mobile prices and low-cost data models are increasingly driving mobile adoption and will therefore lead to greater penetration. Simple UI / UX is aimed at keeping in mind global audiences as well as non-crypto and early adopters. It tries to cover all the technicalities and complexities.

2. From @giniwhite

As I know RageFan has a partnership with Polygon. Are there any advantages to RAGEFAN in terms of scale of transactions in a cost effective and reliable way? Are you making sure Polygon provides the best user experience?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : Polygon partnerships will help us scale transactions in a cost-effective and reliable way. Even when our platform experiences heavy traffic, we will be able to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted user experience

3. From @nguyenvantin77

Who are your potential customers and which market are you targeting? Second, are you still on the right track to reach your destination as a guide map?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : We are a global project and therefore a global audience. All you need is a mobile + internet + the Rage.Fan app. There is no special segmentation because anyone, wherever sitting in the world, of any gender, and any age is our potential user. All you need is an interest in sports. There he is!

4. From @levispham2

Creating tokens is easy, but it takes professional intelligence to keep them valuable in the long run. So what’s your plan for making $ RAGE worthwhile in the long run?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel :

– Maintain as always promised – transparent, low cost and independent model
– Constant innovation – NFT, AR mining, feature portfolio, large sports coverage in terms of number and variety – fantasy sports, e-Sports, mobile RPG games
– Real added value – Overall experience, bigger reward payouts.

5. From @girlkpop11

Can you make a list of the amazing features of Rage Fan that you think will be the strengths that will help Rage Fan succeed? In the future, will the Rage Fan token be developed with more utility?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel :While most of the features are very important and innovative, the pairs that should stand out are:
– Bring the NFT
– Sports forecast – like never before

These are some very visionary ideas and should be worked out in the near future.



1. As a gaming platform .. What is the goal of Rage Fan in the Crypto Industry? What was the main problem you solved that the other project didn’t solve? Why incorporate the cryptos and blockchain parts into a gaming platform like RAGEFAN?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : Through Rage.Fan we are trying to bring fantasy sports and blockchain to the same ambition. So, basically it’s a fantasy sports and on-chain quiz platform, where sports fans can use their skills, knowledge and situational awareness to participate, play, win and earn prizes. Blockchain – for trust and transparency
Crypto – for everyone to use

2. If RageFan is a fan-first fantasy sports platform that allows sports fans to use their skills to earn rewards. Can you tell us about your reward system? Can users get prizes for just participating in fantasy sport events or is there another way? is it user friendly?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : we’ll be announcing the prizes and rules of the game in the coming days. Keep up with our official channel ..

3. How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in countries where English is not well spoken? Do you have a local community so they can better understand your project?

Mr. praisudi Saravanavel :

– So for non-UK audiences – we have planned geographic and community specific initiatives
– And in general, our marketing focuses more on awareness at the start. So, you will be seeing lots of browser videos, feature blogs, types of video tutorials, product demos, etc. in the future.

4. How do users stay up to date with the project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : stay tuned to our media for further updates and announcements

5. Currently “Staking” is a very popular topic. Can you go into details about your staking plan and the benefits of adding “staking”?

Mr. Praisudi Saravanavel : Our launching program will be a dual-purpose stakeout where users can get the advantage of snooping and gaming. Keep up with our channel for announcements ..





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