Recap AMA SAD CAT TOKEN in Cryptowid Community

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AMA series SAD CAT TOKEN With Cryptowid Telegram Community

On march 7, 2021 at 2pm UTC 9pm WIB Indonesia Time in the Cryptowid Telegram Group. AMA Sad Cat Token started with Mr Mad Catter – Founder of Sad Cat Token. When campaign, 10 lucky AMA participants when best asking questions Twitter and AMA sessions will get a total prize of 50$ USD The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker.

speaker introduction 

Mr. Mad Catter:  I’m the main Ringmaster in the Sad Cat Token telegram group: SadCatToken

There are six of us in the team with varying role, but I often answer queries and chat and keep on top of things in the group. In terms of decisions and ideas, we’re a unit and all contribute. The team have been in blockchain for many years, and have experience working alongside several crypto projects in the past.


1. Please tell the community what is SadCatToken (SCAT) in detail ?

Mr. Mad Catter: Sad Cat Token ($SCAT) is a hygienic and house-trained meme coin for cat lovers. We are a community-driven project that hopes to provide the kind of purr-fectly simple joy that DOGE and others have for crypto fans around the world. Our aim is to Defeat The DOGE!

2.  What is the background behind SadCat Token project creation?

Mr. Mad Catter:The team love crypto, we love memes, we love community and building something cool. It’s a fun project that we hope to use to do some good. One of the team is a genius developer, so all work is done in-house. The team are based across Europe. I’m in the UK. Sad Cat Token launched on Uniswap around three weeks ago.

3.  As we know, every serious project always have their own roadmap. Could you please explain SadCat Token roadmap and also what phase is currently ongoing? 

Mr. Mad Catter: We don’t have a roadmap as such – many of our movements are steered by community suggestions. They have great energy and imagination, and we want the Sad Cat Army to feel ownership over the project. That said, we have a few things coming up.

Firstly SCAT is heavily deflationary. We already burned 65% of the original supply, and more is scheduled. Once the price hits a certain point, half of the remaining supply will be burned.Secondly, we have more marketing coming; we’ve been working with Twitter and Telegram influencers and hope to confirm more soon. we should spread the word more this week.We also are finalising details of our real-life utility, which we’re excited to share shortly.We have applied to Coingecko, and hope to be listed there very soon.

4. We are so curious about SadCat Token $SCAT, could you please tell us about $SCAT its total supply, its features, and where we can buy it?

Mr. Mad Catter: Like I mentioned, we already burned a majority of the supply. Original supply was 99,999,999,999 SCAT. Current supply is around 35bn. Once we reach the final burn, it’ll be around 17.5bn, where it will remain. Currently, the marketcap is below $100k, so it’s very early.Liquidity is locked for six months, and our team tokens are also locked.You can buy on Uniswap

5. What are the next goals of SadCat Token?

Mr. Mad catter: We’ve been working very hard on our future goals, and trying to make SCAT more than just another pointless meme coin.We’re excited to explain the future for Sad Cat Token! We had previously allocated tokens into a Development Wallet, which was intended to pay our developer for the time involved in building a yield farming platform. Instead, we are now renaming those tokens the Donation Wallet.

We are linking up with a cat rescue charity in London UK. I can’t yet name them as we are still speaking about the collaboration and whether we can use their name and whether they are happy to tweet about Sad Cat Token. Every two weeks, we will be making a donation to their charity. It’s a small organisation, so it will make a real difference to their great work.

The donation amount will be tied to the price of Sad Cat Token. The higher the price, the higher the donation. This gives the community a real-life reason to buy and hold SCAT. Every holder can feel proud to be a part of something positive and exciting.

We will all have a great reason to try to drive up the price, and everyone can feel proud to mention SCAT across different platforms.We also believe this has the potential to gain some mainstream attention. I’m not personally aware of a cryptocurrency providing charity donations in this way, so we believe crypto news channels and the London media may be very interested in our plans. We will announce the name of the charity as soon as we are able, and the first donation will happen next weekend!


1. From @CrypThe0Q1

A destined key point is to defeat the $DOGE. What is the ‘battle’ plan of $SCAT to achieve this?

Mr. Mad catter: Everybody knows DOGE by now. Some love it, some hate it. It’s a great coin and a great concept, but at $7bn marketcap it’s very large now. We are 70,000 times smaller but already have a stronger community with more energy and enthusiasm. Now SCAT has real-life utility, we have a strong reason to tell the world about Sad Cat Token, and together will Defeat The DOGE. Wait til Elon Musk hears about SCAT! Plus we’re cat people!We wanted to make a fun meme token to bring joy to cat fans the same way dog lovers enjoy DOGE.

2. From @Juan31SB

Your native token is called “Sad Cat Token” ($SCAT), why have you decided to put “sad” in its name? So if it’s a “sad” coin, how do you hope to bring the kind of purely simple joy that DOGE and other tokens have? Isn’t this contradictory?

Mr. Mad Catter: Haha! Good question. We’re based around the popular ‘sad cat’ meme, which ironically brings us much joy. It’s attention-grabbing, it’s modern and it’s fun. And now everyone has the chance to buy SCAT and make real-life sad cats happy again.

3. From @Hoavouuy

What do you think is the biggest problem $SCAT will solve that no other project is solving now, and why is the problem important to solve?

Mr. Mad Catter: I’m not aware of another cryptocurrency linking with a charity to generate donations, so SCAT is unique in that sense. I believe it’s a crypto first. I’m so excited to begin announcing each donation and providing a running tally of how much money the community has generated to save vulnerable cats.We want every city kitty to have a loving home, no feral cats on the streets, and no pets abandoned to die on the streets. Our community can help us achieve this, and every time someone buys SCAT it helps. We’re feline very good about the future for SCAT.

4. From @bimasuryaatmaj1

I’m very excited when you say $ SCAT has nine lives! Unique deflation model “9×9” can you tell what the function, use and benefit is obtained? please explain to us

Mr. Mad Catter: Sure, we have a deflationary aspect to encourage people to buy and hold.Like kitties, SCAT has nine lives. We hold half of the supply of SCAT in a Reserve Liquidity Wallet, which could in theory be used to provide more Uniswap liquidity in the future. However, we’ve been gradually burning it. When we first listed, the price was $0.00000650. At double that price, we burned 9% of that wallet. At 3x that price, we burned another 9%. And so on. On listing day I believe we completed 7 burns. We have two to go, at certain prices.When we reach the 9th burn, the ENTIRE Reserve Liquidity Wallet will be burned. That will halve the supply of SCAT.Suddenly all community members will be holding twice the percentage of supply that they held before

5. From @Gem_View

Why no happy cats?

Mr. Mad Catter: Currently the kitties are sad.Together, our community can make them happy. Our first donation will happen next weekend.Let’s work together to make it as large as we can! Let’s make the sad cats happy again.


1. The Sad Cat Token has 3 characteristics: Independent, self-cleaning and anonymously founded “meme” coin. My question is simple, how does it manage to be self cleaning? And why was it founded anonymously? Doesn’t it generate a bit of distrust among users?

Mr. Mad Catter: Our sad cat is self-cleaning and hygienic like every good kitty 😊. The question about anonymity is a good one. The team are involved in other projects and have day jobs, and we wanted SCAT to stand alone and not be linked to others. I understand that it can generate some distrust, but our community members will vouch that we have done everything possible to win their trust. Our Uniswap liquidity is locked for six months, and our team tokens are also locked. From the start, the community have followed all token movements through our wallets, and no one has been concerned so far.

2. Is $SCAT super cheap and super early right now? why should I consider to buy $SCAT for my portfolio?

Mr. Mad Catter: I think everyone agrees that you are super early to buy SCAT and that the current price is super cheap! Last time I looked, the marketcap was $90k. That’s TINY in this market. There is a huge potential upside, hopefully.

We only launched three weeks ago. Once we are accepted into Coingecko we will gain a far larger audience. We are hoping that our new real-life utility will help propel us to the next level.You should buy SCAT if you love cats 😁

3. What is the difference between the $ SCAT token and other meme-related tokens like Doge, PePe Nft and others? Will the $ SCAT token really have great potential in the next few months?

Mr. Mad Catter: As I hope we have made clear, SCAT is different from other meme tokens. They usually have no utility or purpose, or have a utility created simply for the sake of it, or to ride a trend – farming, staking, DeFi etc. We believe we are the FIRST EVER crypto to link up with a charity and provide regular donations based on price. We believe this has potential to bring us a lot of attention, and a lot of lovely community members who want to help us make a difference!

4. Why did you decide to release $ SCAT as a meme? And why did they choose a cat as the concept of the project?

Mr. Mad Catter: Thanks! We saw a rise in meme tokens, and we liked them. We saw how they got mainstream attention (DOGE), how they created happy communities and how they brought people joy. So we wanted to get involved. A cat was an obvious choice, as the counterpoint to DOGE. We want to give cat lovers the chance to show their opposition to the rise of the doggo.

But we went for a ‘sad cat’ meme because a simple ‘cat coin’ felt too boring.And of course now we can reveal our real-life utility, we are helping make sad cats happy in the real world!

5. How will Your Project convince people who has a little knowledge about crypto currency to partake in the project ?

Mr. Mad Cetter: This is a really nice point.We believe that SCAT can have crossover success for two reasons: Firstly, everyone knows about DOGE. Especially since Elon Musk tweeted about it, very many people with no previous knowledge of crypto have bought DOGE and become involved in their community. We feel that people can become attracted to SCAT as a kitty competitor to DOGE. Also, the real-life application of the token is pioneering, and we believe it should gain attention. Once we are able to confirm the name of the cat rescue charity involved, we will be in touch with mainstream UK media about covering the project and its aims. The charity will also mention us on their Twitter. These should bring in new investors who were not previously involved with crypto.



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