Recap AMA StaysBase in Cryptowid Community

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AMA series StaysBase With Cryptowid Telegram Community

On January 7,2021 at 11am UTC 6pm WIB Indonesia Time in the Cryptowid Telegram Group, AMA StaysBase started with Mr Luka CEO Blockchain Engineer and Mr Walkeraki Software Engineer . When campaign, 10 lucky AMA participants when best asking questions Twitter and AMA sessions will get a total prize of 100$ USD in The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker.

speaker introduction 

Mr. LUKA :
My name is Luka and I’m the lead blockchain developer at StaysBASE. I have a background in finance and money, where I’ve worked for financial institutions in Europe the last few years as a smart contracts programmer, where we’ve worked on bringing traditional financial products on the blockchain. Otherwise, I’ve been a crypto-enthusiast since 2016 when I started with a personal crypto mining farm, which is still active today. We teamed up with my colleague Jure a few months ago to create blockchain projects and we’re happy to share with you our newest platform – StaysBASE.

Mr Walkeraki :
I am a software engineer at StaysBASE. I’ve been working in several well known firms across Europe and I am mostly into web and mobile development. For the past 2 years I worked as an Automated testing engineer. I came into the crypto world in 2015 with a small bitcoin investment and later on created DeFi token named VOX. I fell in love with crypto and now I am trying to contribute to it as much as I can. I think we are still early and there is a huge potential to grow.. I’ve known Luka since I was a child and creating something for you alongside him is fulfilling.


Q.1. Please tell the community what is Staysbase (SBS) in detail ?

Mr Waleraki :
StaysBASE is based on the concept of Base Protocol, while taking it a step further!! While Base Protocol (BASE) is essentially a token whose price is pegged to the total market Cap of Cryptocurrencies; StaysBASE takes the concept further by bringing the The World Stock Market and Gold Market into the picture. StaysBASE is pegged on the average of the Cryptocurrency Market Cap, The World Stock Market Cap and the Gold Market Cap.

For example, let’s say
The Crypto market cap increases +10%
The Gold market cap increase +5% &
The World Stock market Cap decreases -3%

The average of the three = 4% There will be a 4% total Increase of the Supply of StaysBASE Token.

Q.2. What is the background behind StaysBase project?

Mr Walkeraki :

The StaysBASE Protocol acts as a one-stop trading instrument which allows holders to speculate on the Crypto market, World Stock market and Gold market simultaneously, rather than just one token or a select portfolio of multiple. This should be valuable for outsiders interested in crypto investing, world Stock market investing and Gold Investing who don’t know which assets they “should” buy.

It will also be useful for institutional investors seeking to diversify crypto exposure, gold and Stocks to the entire industry, and general crypto, gold and stock traders looking to hedge or diversify their investments.

Q3. As we know, every serious project always have their own roadmap. Could you please explain Staysbase roadmap and also what phase is currently ongoing ?

Mr Luka :
Right now we are in our private round to gather funds for the project launch .We have completed our seed round where we gained 100k$ in less than 4 hours, so we can see there is large demand for the project!

We are going live on 14.01. with the full platform and the first rebase will be conducted 24 hours thereafter. We will be the first IDO project on JulSwap and Binance Smart Chain so that is already a unique milestone on our roadmap.

Thereafter we will be enabling different staking possibilities for our users and also seek out new partnerships with other prospective projects in the cryptosphere.

Right now we are focused on the presale rounds and we invite all of you to take a look into the project!

Q4. We are so curious about $SBS, could you please tell us about $SBS its total supply, its features, and where we can buy it?

Mr Walkeraki :
StaysBASE is a synthetic asset with a supply of 4.265.359 tokens. Synthetic assets’ properties have the same value as another pre-decided asset. In the case of StaysBASE, it emulates the market patterns of the Three Markets – Crypto, Stock and Gold. The average of the three is taken as the underlying asset, allowing traders to speculate on the total change in all markets, rather than just one asset/market or a select portfolio.

StaysBASE works on an Elastic Supply Protocol. What this means is that the supply of StaysBASE is determined by the equilibrium condition. The target price of StaysBASE is based on the market caps. Now when these four values are not the same, the protocol increases or decreases the supply of StaysBASE.

Users will be able to buy StaysBASE at its Julswap liquidity pool. The StaysBASE Cascade rewards users who stake their StaysBASE in the liquidity pool. The Cascade issues rewards based on how long a user stakes their tokens in the pool – where the more liquidity provided, and for longer, the greater share of the pool they receive.

Q5. what is the StaysBase (SBS) strategic plan to go forward ?

Mr Luka :
As mentioned we are currently underway with the private round, which will be followed by a small public sale and then immediately thereafter we will be listed on our DEX, JulSwap. We have been collecting funds for less than 24 hours so far and the response has been very positive.

We will be running marketing campaigns and conducting AMAs to raise awareness of the project and to bring in new investors.

After launch, people will be able to experience the first rebase protocol on Binance Smart Chain for less fees, faster transactions and more scalability!


Q.1 From @paupalaci

The hardest thing in a project is losing investor confidence.  how did your team handle the position?  What’s your closest goal this year?

Mr Walkeraki :
As we are only at the beginning of the project we didn’t have any problems with investor confidence. We have successfully launched another DeFi token and I am completely confident  in our experience and knowledge to handle all the hurdles DeFi space is offering. First goal is to successfully end presale and make a platform launch with all the features we want to offer. We also have couple of innovative ideas for Q1 and Q2 for 2021 so keep your eyes on our twitter for announcements 🙂

Q.2 From @debilaur

What is the most significant difference between StaysBASE and other projects?  What steps will Staysbase take to stay on track?

Mr Luka :
The most significant difference between StaysBASE and other projects is that it reflects three different markets instead of just one.

It builds upon the foundation made from the original rebase protocols and upgrades it with the unique feature of being connected to three markets simultaneously (crypto, world stocks and gold). Daily movements are weighted out and the rebase calculation considers the average of all three markets to create a healthy foundation for the token economy. The StaysBASE Protocol acts as a one-stop trading instrument which allows holders to speculate on the entire crypto industry, world stock market and gold market simultaneously, rather than just one token or a select portfolio of multiple. StaysBASE is supposed to be a more holistic reflection of all the three markets.

Q.3 From @misedMoses

Is the StaysBASE project really good in the long term?  Can you tell us why we should support this project?  What are the benefits for us as investors?

Mr Luka :
We believe that StaysBASE is a major improvement over the original rebase protocols. Because of the unique connection with three different market caps, changes to the supply should be much less radical as with other protocols which are based only on one price source.

As we’ve also enabled the unique cascade system, which allows people to stake their LP tokens, liquidity should be quite stable as well in the long term.

Lastly, with our partnership with JustLiquidity and being public as developers, we believe this should bring our community a lot of confidence and trust into the project.

Q.4 From @masteringBer

Can you provide information about collaborative partnerships that you have done with other projects?  What are the goals and benefits for StaysBASE?

Mr Luka :
We have announced a collaboration with JustLiquidity to become the first IDO project on their JulSwap decentralized exchange, the leading DEX platform on Binance Smart Chain.

We will be further developing our collaboration with them after the token launch to provide other liquidity pool pairs and staking opportunities for our users.

We also have plans to provide services with the Vox Finance platform once the project is also live on Ethereum post-launch.

Apart from that, we’re always looking for new partnerships and possibilities to connect the projects to even more blockchains and other interesting services. We will be sure to announce some very soon!

Q.5 From @hoaldev

I saw the StaysBASE project rebase. There are 3 markets, namely crypto market, gold market and which stock market are your top priorities?  Please explain ?

Mr Luka
All three markets will be weighted the same – equally. Meaning that the average movement of all three markets will be taken into calculation for the rebase. This is a unique approach to the rebase calculation and it will be up to the community to take advantage of it!

There is no priority market and we’ve decided to balance it out to make a distinction to other protocols which are live already now.


Q.1 Why is it needed white listed for a private sale round? What if I don’t pass the white list, when is the public sale expected to open?

14.1 is the launch date which means if you miss the presale you will be able to buy it on that date from JulSwap

Q. 2 Nowdays So many Rug Pulls and exit scam happening . How Users can trust your project and how you are different from others ?

Me and Luka as CEO and COO are also owners of another DeFi coin and have good collaboration with many auditing firms. We have live twitter accounts with our pictures and we did some live on camera AMAs as well. I think all of this adds some additional trust to the project.

Q.3  I would like to know if StayBASE is a fork of an existing project or it was a fresh and unique idea that was built from the scratch

StaysBASE is a fork of BASE protocol but the main idea has been heavily expanded to include the unique feature of three markets combined – crypto, world stocks and the gold market. It is the first rebase protocol to include price sources from outside of crypto and to offer a “cascade”/staking system as well as partnerships with JustLiquidity immediately on launch. We can’t wait to share the live version with all of you!

Q.4 Tell us a little bit about  security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?

Code is forked from BASE protocol which was audited by many third party companies. We are in a DeFi space for some quiet time now and we made some of our own projects and also helped on several others. We are confident in our knowledge as backend programmers and we rely on past experience to deliver the most safe and secure platform there can be.

Q.5 Why does StaysBASE still use Ethereum blockchain while it has a slow speed and high gas fee?Do you have any plans to launch your mainet or convert to other blockchains in the future?

We are actually not using Ethereum! We will be the first project built on Binance Smart Chain that has the rebase capability! That means lower fees, faster transactions and more scalability for everyone. This is the true advantage of a platform such as StaysBASE, make sure to come over to our channel to join!




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