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Recap AMA Team Finance in Cryptowid Community

AMA series Team Finance With Cryptowid

On September 22,2020 at 12pm UTC 7pm WIB Indonesia Time in the Cryptowid Telegram Group, AMA Team Finance started with Dev TeamFinance as guest speaker. When campaign,15 lucky AMA participants when best asking questions Twitter and AMA sessions will get a total prize of 100$ TEAM The following is a summary of AMA questions and answers announced by the moderator and guest speaker.

Of course, I am the Co-Founder of Team Finance ($ TEAM).  My team is building because we understand that there are problems with scam and scam projects in this space.  Personally, I’m a full stack developer, and I also lead the design team.  You met one of my designers here at your group chat yesterday.  We have team members based all over the world, and Indonesia is the home of many of our animators and graphic designers!
I have been in the blockchain space since I was in middle school at the age of 16.
I was a trader as well as mining Litecoin in the early days, and experienced all the ups and downs of crypto with Mt.  Gox, all the forks, etc.  I became interested in developing blockchain applications when Ethereum had an ICO, which was the first ICO.  I then helped ICO companies with their smart contracts, and also started developing other apps on the app and web stores.  Today, I run several successful businesses with my partners, including app and ecommerce stores.  However, right now, I’m devoting all my attention to the Team, because I believe the team has the ability to be a very big player in this space.


Q.1.  Please tell the community in detail what is (TEAM)?

Team is a platform that allows cryptocurrency founders / developers to lock their ERC20 tokens in time released vaults.  This is an indispensable service, because when a new cryptocurrency is created, investors want to know that the “founder token” is locked so they won’t sell to the market, hurting the original investors.  In addition, we provide a “public profile” for each coin locked with us, and tell the public / investor how many coins are locked properly, and then the public can make a decision whether they trust the project or not.

Q.2.  What was the background for the Team Finance project and why was the DeFi system the basis of the project?

The founders of the Team realized that there were many scams and fraudulent projects in the DeFi space.  Recently I saw a statistic that more than 50% of the projects listed on Uniswap in a 24 hour period are “tapestries”, where the founders steal property rights from investors and leave investors with worthless tokens.  This is what Tim solved.  Investors must ensure that every project they invest in has locked up their liquidity token (UNI-V2 token), as well as its founder token so that investors can be more secure and know that it may not be a fraud.

Q3.  As we know, every serious project always has its own road map.  Can you explain the Team Finance roadmap as well as what phases it is taking?

We are currently in the team “development” phase, we will complete this phase in a few weeks.  We plan to launch early / mid October.  We have proven that our concept works.  Yesterday, our first use case YFT (Toshify) locked $ 900,000 worth of tokens in our vault, and managed to withdraw it.  Now we have more projects coming to us to lock their coins

Q4.  We are very curious about TEAM, can you tell us about TEAM’s total supply, its features and where we can buy it?

TEAM has a total supply of 1,000,000 TEAM.  There will never be more or less, only 1 million.  TEAM is currently available for purchase on Uniswap at https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xb05af453011d7ad68a92b0065ffd9d1277ed2741
There are many functions of TEAM coin on this platform, but I think the most interesting thing for your audience to hear is that we send every coin listed on our platform to token holders.Example: If the “CAT” coin lists 1,000,000 CAT in the TEAM to lock, we will charge a 0.5% fee.  We take 0.5% of CAT (5,000 CAT) and we send it to all TEAM token holders.Over time, this airdrop can be of significant value.  Only TEAM holders can experience this

Q5.  what is Team Finance’s strategic plan for the future ?

The team is now focused on completing our launch, and continues to bring more great projects to our platform.  I believe we can reach up to $ 1,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars) in value locked on our platform.  And when this happens, Team will become a very valuable platform in the DeFi space.


Q.1 From @ Sadik42365143

Do you have a Coin burning / buyback system or a burning Token plan to increase Token value & attract Investors to invest?

Tidak ada koin yang terbakar, dan juga tidak ada koin mint. Hanya 1.000.000 token TIM. Tapi ingat, hanya 500.000 TEAM token yang beredar, sisanya dikunci, dan ketika plstform diluncurkan, kami akan membutuhkan semua 1.000.000 untuk fungsionalitas di platform. Kami tidak dapat membakar 1.000.000 token apa pun, karena itu akan menurunkan skalabilitas platform

Q.2 From @shunnysie

What do you think about Indonesia as a crypto market?  And what will you contribute to those who have supported your project in the community?

Indonesia is home to many of our team members, and close to our hearts.  This is just our second foreign AMA, and I chose Indonesia because of this.
Of course, we will contribute to our Indonesian members and will create a group for TEAM Indonesia so that you can all stay updated.

Q.3 From @alej_pacedo

Team Finance’s proposal regarding blocking and releasing tokens at the specified time is attractive.  For what kind of person or group does this DeFi method work better?  How can you use it?

The concept of locking tokens applies to all projects, but there is no doubt that the project group that will benefit the most are new projects listed on Uniswap.  Due to the large amount of risk involved in these investments, investors often demand token locks so that they can consider investing.  These are the services we will encounter.

Q.4 From @ Triwido15999320

can TEAM Finance provide a sense of security to our assets?  , what technology do you use to secure our assets?  How can the security structure of TEAM Finance not be easily hacked by hackers?

This is a good question.
It should be noted that our platform does not take custody of the asset itself.
Ethereum smart contracts take care of this.
Our platform facilitates the process of locking your token into this smart contract.
We are doing extensive auditing work to check the smart contract code, and ensure that there are no vulnerabilities.  However, we believe in the security of the Ethereum network, and as long as the smart contract is good, all funds will be safe.

Q.5 From @ suck45438311

I’ve seen a lot of defi projects pop up recently, and die from a lack of liquidity and confidence in the dev.  the question how do you convince investors because of this problem?

We were unable to solve the problem of lack of liquidity and lack of developer response.  It can only come from a good team, a good product, and a willing market.  However, we can solve the problem of founders stealing funds from investors.  In our opinion, this is the # 1 problem on DeFi at the moment.

Good projects come and go, and many projects may fail, but scams are unacceptable and we aim to stop them as much as possible, making DeFi safer for everyone.


Q. 1 Are you a global project or a local project?  Can anyone use your project anywhere without restrictions?

We are truly global, anyone around the world can use our services.  Also, it is completely decentralized, so there are no accounts to create, no KYC, etc.

Q.2 Is the token price important to you from an operational point of view, if the token price is $ 1 or $ 100?

Not from an operational perspective.  However, as more and more projects join the platform, the more each token is worth more due to our “airdrop” model for other tokens.

Q.3 The name “TEAM” is interesting 😄.  What inspired this name?

We like the name TEAM because we want to provide a sense of security and TEAM cooperation regarding transparency in project details.  Scammers are not part of TEAM :))

Q.4 DeFi is the new front line and is already busy in 2020, what role do you play in DeFi innovation and what is your approach to DeFi and the best DeFi solutions?

 We see ourselves as a must-have tool in the DeFi space, because when a new coin hits the list on Uniswap, investors will ask for the lock, and we aim to be the # 1 locking solution.In addition, because we have a profile and score that faces towards  ahead for each project, it is better to register with us than to do-it-yourself developers.

Q.5 Product development is still 2 months $ TEAM this coin was released very early.  Is there a marketing plan scheduled ???  Thank you!.

We’re actually reducing this timeline, we’ll be fully rolling out in about 3 weeks from now.  Our marketing schedule starts this week which is why we are here to join AMA with you


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